Computer Software

Members of the Digital Equality Initiative bridge the digital divide, empowering the community, NFP organizations and educational institutions by re-using donated electronic surplus from socially and environmentally responsible corporations and government.


We foster a change in Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Impact efforts. We believe that scrapping of usable electronics is a thing of the past. To really make a change there must be an adoption of new disposal procedures with a focus on re-use, creating a pipeline from the corporate workplace to the public community.


Re-using end of life electronics allows for the affordable distribution of computers to schools who are in desperate need. Measurable outcomes like ‘bridging the digital divide’ and early access to technology are paramount in preparation of secondary and post-secondary education. To move all students to high levels of learning and technological literacy, all students will need access to technology when and where it can be most effectively incorporated into learning.


Strategic partnerships with corporations like Volo Broadband, The City of Champaign, and State Farm, have allowed the Initiative to service the needs of non-profits, schools, low income housing residents, elderly and fixed income in Champaign County. We build public computing centers that services job seekers providing open access and skill building necessary for the high tech 21st century environment.